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DD6 wants to try out for the competitive studio lyrical team next year.  She does the pre-team program now but can try out for the lyrical and jazz teams when she turns 7.  Everyone makes the jazz team so not worried about that one but the lyrical team is competitive and has girls aged 7-9.  They only take like 10 or something and at least 20 girls try out every year.  She takes a tech class with the teacher this year and I caught her during a quiet moment and said that DD wants to try out next year, is that something that she should keep working for or should I encourage her to wait another year.  I expected a response like keep working hard and then some notes on things she can improve on.  she's stern and doesn't usually give a ton of positive feed back.  Just a lot of corrections and critiques but wanted to get a sense if I should start preparing DD that she won't make it (I'd have her do the audition anyway since its a good learning experience).

Instead she was like "oh yes, she definitely needs to try out.  I wanted her last year but didn't realize how young she is."  She did give me some specific notes for her to work on--all stuff I expected. But then she said "have her keep at it.  I think this is her thing."

I was totally shocked. I obviously think DD is amazing but I'm biased.  It was so nice to hear from a DT and especially for a program that is relatively competitive within the studio.   Obviously I'll still prepare DD not to make it because you never know, but just wanted a little mini brag time since I can't tell anyone else 😉


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It’s always nice to hear positive feedback. Especially if it is your DD’s thing! Dance is certainly my daughters joy right now and she works very hard at it - she’s 8 - so still very very young in the big world of things - but it’s very nice to hear that someone besides us mom with mommy googles can see it too.

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DS's things was always tap.  He loved it and worked really hard to improve his technique when we moved to the new studio when he was 8.  The new studio gives about a dozen scholarships at recital for Most Improved, etc. and then 3 big memorial awards for ballet, lyrical and tap.  The SO who is the tap teacher is not really demonstrative with the kids.  At his first recital he got called up for the Most Improved Jr Adv tap scholarship and he was thrilled.  Meant so much to him because he knew it meant she did think he was improving even if she didn't say it.  Then at 16 he won the tap memorial award and he actually cried.  It goes to the dancer that shows talent and passion and he was so proud.  It's nice when they get recognition from a DT who is not really known for it in class.  Makes it even more special.
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