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DD12 had her first visit with the massage therapist last night and wow.  Although painful at times, she said her legs felt "amazing" afterward.  Interestingly, the strongest discomfort came when she worked on her glute max muscle but as the therapist did her thing you could see DD going from "OWOWOWOW" to "Oooooohhh".  Pressure points working out the knots I'm assuming.  

She's on a weekly schedule for the next month or so, and then hopefully can go to twice a month or every three weeks.  

She'll also work on her roller, but not yet.  The MT wants a few more sessions to get the worst of the tightness out before she self-inflicts the pain.  Right now the band is too tight.  

We'll continue with PT as well but I think we're on the right path. With two weeks to go before the season starts, I'm hopeful for the first time. 

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Glad to hear she is getting some relief.

Nothing is worse than witnessing someone you love in pain.
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