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My dd has been interested in choreography as long as I can remember, and she wants to go to college for it. Is there any ways she can get involved in choreography at 14 years old? I know that a lot of dancers will choreograph solos for other dancers, but I'm not sure if she would be able to that at this studio or not being that it's her first year at this one. The SO is very nice though and is willing to let dancers do almost anything. The only other thing I could come up with is being a choreographer for a little play production near our house, but she said she only wants to choreograph for dance studios. Any ideas? Is it hard to choreograph for other (smaller) studios?

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Try letting her self-choreograph a solo if she hasn't already, and have her DT (one who she trusts) to look over it and help her through the process. There are several minis at my studio who ask the teens to choreograph for them (less expensive and a nice team bonding experience.) Maybe you could try talking to the SO about it and asking her whether that would be an option, she seems like she might say yes.

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Does she have a teacher who can mentor her, maybe doing choreography private lessons?  We are really lucky that our studio offers a choreography class, but that's rare.  Also if you can find any improv workshops, these can also dovetail well with choreography study.

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DD15's SO is mentoring her in choreography and teaching.  It's a super opportunity for DD.  We are lucky though because we are at a teeny tiny studio where DD is the oldest dancer so she has no competition [smile].
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