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My younger dd had taken tumbling classes at a gymnastics studio up until 2 years ago. We were approached by one of the coaches asking her to come to the team gym auditions(it's a mix of tumbling, mini trampoline and dance)because they thought she'd do great at it. While we were flattered it was just too much to be in 2 competitive sports (even if there weren't conflicts, which there were). I told dd she was welcome to try out but she would ultimately have to choose. Dance was first for her so she did not bother to try out. I did not want her burnt out. Competitive dance and gym training was just too much IMO to put her growing body through plus I wanted her to have some down time and time for homework and friends. They asked her again the following year but we turned them down again. In the end she was still perfectly happy dancing and taking her once a week tumbling class.
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