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Has anyone attended Dance Educators of America (DEA)? We've never been and I have some questions that I can't find information on. What day typically is competition (small fry competitive solos)? Are they automatically entered for title? Does 1st place solo just get title? We didn't see a place to "enter" for it and couldn't find any title rules. When is the convention and how long? We can't find this info on their website. When we registered her it said convention was I think $65 and then it said do you want to put your 7 or 8 year old in intermediate? If I clicked yes, it added another $50 and if I clicked no it stayed at $65.... but I don't know what "intermediate" is because I can't find any info! Is this an age group? (For competition it does not list an intermediate... goes from small fry to junior.) Do they offer scholarships for the convention or just top soloists get scholarships at the competition? Do small fries qualify for scholarships or should I stick her in intermediate? Could she qualify there? (I know some conventions you have to dance at your age range to qualify) We didn't officially sign up so any comments on DEA in general are appreciated!!! Thank you for any insight!

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I think I can answer a few because my daughter has competed there but she was in teens. They are automatically entered for title and title goes to the first place overall. Competition has been on Saturday in the cities we have attended and convention on Sunday. Last year the only scholarships awarded went to the 1st place winner in each division. It was a very small competition in each city we have attended.
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