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Hello all. My daughter is an independent dancer this season and we thought we were going to do the whole "conventions all year" thing that many independents do. So far we have gone to 2 conventions and DD does love them, as she always does. Now to give some background, my daughter is an older teen who is looking at breaking into the dance industry (we live in Southern California, we are literally in the middle of the dance industry). I am just curious, how much do you think conventions really benefit older kids? Do you think that going to a convention is a waste of money at all? Do any of you live in southern cali and kind of know the dance scene around here? It is very different from anywhere here than anywhere else, and my daughter danced when we lived in other places as well. 

I dont even know my real question at this point... basically that my daughter is wanting to transition into the "dance industry". I am wondering if you can give me any insight on if conventions are helpful for growth in older teens? I am wondering how much have you seen your dancer grow from conventions, maybe any other independent dancers out there who did a year of convention dancing? 

Hope you can somehow make senes of all of this.... TIA [smile]

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I have a friend that works several times a year in the entertainment industry as a paid dancer - shows, tv commercials, etc.  Attending conventions was not the way she entered that work.  She has an agent representing her - and likely, like most entertainers in all lines of work - that's what your daughter would need too if she wanted to move into more professional work.

Conventions are not necessarily connected to that path.

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I have seen a few traditional studio dancers that spent years dancing at conventions. As they grew as dancers, they did well, often becoming the chosen dancers (Pulse protege, etc). They learned a lot working closely with the convention staff and have moved to LA, got agents and are working consistently. One of the dancers booked jobs due to a connection with one of the choreographers at a convention. I only know of three dancers that have had this success. I don't know if this is typical. 

Our SO says spend the money training. We do one convention as part of our team and 3 competitions. My DD thinks competitions are a waste of money. She loves conventions. The energy, the professional choreography,  being surrounded by other amazing senior dancers, the auditions. She doesn't always get chosen, but the auditions alone are a learning opportunity. 

She works hard in her weekly classes, any class, but she doesn't have time in the week to pick up extra classes as her SO advises. She takes all advanced classes, is involved in school activities, and dances. So, the conventions provide her with a concentrated opportunity to dance. That said, we can only afford 2-3 extra conventions per year. This is do-able because we rarely travel for them, so we don't have hotel costs.
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