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Hello! This is my first-ever post and I'm really hoping to get some good advice.

My youngest daughter, age 11, is really starting to love/commit herself to dance the way my older daughters have (ages 12 and 15) which is really exciting! She has done a couple comps already and really wants to start trying conventions like my older two. 
However, there is a slight issue. She can hardly make it ten minutes without a tissue! It's not a cold, a sinus infection, allergies... our doctor (and every specialist we've seen) says it's sort of like nonallergic rhinitis but possibly the worst case they've ever seen... too much snot production (sorry to be gross!).
More info on that... she is constantly stuffed and with a super runny nose, and usually some sneezing and a wet cough too. At school she keeps tissues at her desk, at home they're all around the house (and I mean ALL around), and at dance I think she sniffles through for 10-15 minutes before running over to where they keep their box. Doctors have confirmed it's not a surgical issue: it's not her adenoids or anything, just lots of snot (ew)
We've definitely become used to it... I hardly even notice that she's doing it now until another parent points it out to me! She's a really happy kid and all... it is just SUCH a hassle. 
I wanted to see what you guys thought about sending her to a convention. She will definitely need to step out a few times every class to grab tissues (I will make sure to put a few packs in her bag). I haven't seen her go half an hour without a tissue in over a year, let alone an hour! Would that be considered rude or inappropriate behavior at a convention? I don't want her not to get the opportunity because of this, but I wouldn't want her to feel bad about it. 
Thanks so much!


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I dont see that to be a real problem at conventions. It would be way easier to step out at a convention than it would be, if say, she was at a small master class with a new teacher or something. Because there are so many kids at a convention, nobody will care or notice that she stepped out for a second. She can run off to the side when someone asks a question to the teacher really quick, or she can wait until they are broken up into groups and she will have plenty of time then. I don't see it to be an issue for her and definitely won't hold her back from living the convention life!
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