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Our studio had a KAR in studio convention. The KAR teachers all seemed great with the kids. They learned a jazz, tap, hip hop, musical theater, and lyrical routine. We are a large studio with close to 100 kids in company. The kids were split into 4 groups so a few groups had probably 25-30 kids.

I was wondering what the point of a convention is. Is it for the kids to learn from different teachers? During the showcase I noticed even our best dancers didn’t know the routines 100%. At first my DD didn’t want me to come to the showcase because she was embarrassed. After watching for herself, she realized most of the kids struggled with the choreography. It wasn’t that the choreography was difficult, it was just remembering something they learned at 10 am and then having to perform it 6 hours later after learning 4 other dances. For the most part it was good but just not the perfection I’m used to seeing from our dancers at competition where they have months to perfect a dance. KAR even said the dancers would make mistakes but the point was for them to grow. It just got me wondering what the point of a convention is. What’s your experience been at conventions?

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I would say a convention is a little bit of everything. Learning from new and different teachers? Yes definitely. Learning to pick up on choreo very quickly? Yes. Getting exposure to new choreography that is different than what is learned at their home studio is definitely part of it as well. 
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