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Hi All!
We have been cleaning out the dream duffle and makeup kit recently! What things do you fined absolutely necessary- can't leave home without them items to take with us!!??

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Go to the Home page on here, scroll down to the bottom and click on Handbook.  There is a comprehensive checklist that is a great resource.  You can use as is or use it as a guide to customize your own.  My dd15 no longer does studio dance competitions (now it's high school dance team for her), but during her 7 years of competing that list was very valuable.  Also, if you do a search on here and plug in "competition checklist" a bunch of old threads will come up with a lot of great info.  I always found it enlightening and helpful to hear what other people bring to comps that I may not have thought of.  

One of my "must haves" was a pop up mesh hamper.  We used a Dream Duffel and I would put the pop up hamper next to it.  DD knew everything that came off during quick costume changes went into the hamper to be sorted out later.  She never lost or misplaced a shoe or costume piece.

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I bring one of those collapsible cube totes that go in those cube shelving along with smaller garbage bags as a makeshift garbage can. Has come in handy for random food wrappers, qtips, makeup wipes etc. after we're done just toss the bag on the way out!

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Makeup (including setting spray and a brow pencil if eyebrows are light)
Makeup wipes
Regular wipes
Hair Spray
Hair Gel
Hair Brush
Hair comb
Hair Pins
Bobbie pins
hair ties  (plastic clear and regular)
tapestry needle and that thick thread-not yard, but not thread to sew in hair pieces if needed/time allows)
Safety pins
Needle and thread (diff colors)
Butt Glue
Stain removers (I have wipes and a pen)
Pain meds
Allergy meds

Extra pens
ziplock bags (i bring quart and gallon)
a few plastic bags from the food store
2 changes of clothes-i do 2 because my dd is little (7) you just never know
Socks/Slippers/Booties for awards

We bring coloring books and crayons/colored pencils, something my daughter and some of her teammates enjoy

Charging bank for my phone/tablets. I charge it before we leave and put it in the bag. Usually in my purse, but sometimes I will toss it in the big bag.

I am sure I am forgetting things that are in there. That is just off the top of my head. We have comp next weekend but it is just DDs solo so I will just grab her cosmetic bag, her hair bag, her costume bag (in a mini garment bag with pockets that holds her hair piece and earrings), my charger, a few snacks (We will be at a place with tons of shopping and food within walking distance so not concerned about needing too many unlike the last competition) and besides my purse essentials, that will probably be it. She will wear her 'awards' outfit there, she can put it on after for lunch and then to awards or she may choose to put her costume back on. I will have her dance bag in the car with an outfit for convention classes that night and shoes. 

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Aside from all what Leap Year0208 listed, I like to have:

Glue Gun (quick fix on hair pieces or props)
Extension Cord (chargers, glue gun, curling irons)
Small Towel (Wipe off sweat)


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All great suggestions.  I would like to add, a sense of humor.  Try not to stress, it will only make your kid stress more.  Especially that moment when she turns into satan.  I can't tell you how many times I have seen a mom in the dressing room who is escalating her kid's stress. I just want to take the mom gently by the shoulders and tell her "stop talking, you are making it worse".  

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OMG I love how you say "that moment when she turns into Satan"! LOL been there! You are right. We have a great group of dance moms and college girls who come back to help at comps. I find letting the older girls advise/help takes the stress off of me. My DD listens to them and I get to catch my breath.

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Don't forget to include undies and socks in the change of clothes. Once we were going out right after final awards, and when dd changed, discovered she had no undies.

I always bring water. My biggest problem at comps is remembering to drink enough fluids (me, not DD - I force her to drink). I have been dehydrated to the point that I felt incompetent. DH brought me a Gatorade. If you bring Gatorade, make sure it is clear. No one wants red Gatorade anywhere near costumes!
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