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Originally Posted by Noel
Receipts were always given when paying for classes or competition fees. They were up front about the additional fee if paying by credit card. For some things credit cards were not accepted, cash or check only for things like registration and comp. fees. I often declined the receipt as I had no need for the paper trail.

Unfortunately, the answer is yes, I did ask. When I asked why I could not pay for private lessons with a check and received the answer, "cash only for privates" I then asked for a receipt and was never given one. After a few times of asking and being put off I stopped asking. Asked for a receipt for drop in classes as well, those were cash only, never got that either.

Well.. I guess it remains a question.  Up until this year, dd never went to a studio where a receipt was automatically given for cash payments.. and I never asked so I never received one.  Even the one now, they don't give me a paper receipt at the studio... they email me a statement of the transaction later.  I'd guess many studios simply don't have those sales receipt booklets which is why they might falter if asked.   And while I agree that it could be argued that they "should" have them, I guess my point is simply that I suspect it's not as unusual as you may think it is.  Nor is it necessary proof of shenanigans.

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Originally Posted by Jacaranda
Hmm, that sounds dodgy. Insisting that things are ONLY paid for in cash is a sign that they are not planning on declaring the income so they don't have to pay tax on it. At our studio they prefer to avoid cash if possible because it is harder to track. If a client comes in and insists they paid and it isn't recorded, it is almost impossible to prove one way or another if the mistake happened while handling cash.

For the most part in the US this isn't true.  A lot of studios - at least in my area - are sole proprietorships - meaning they are owned by 1 person as a small business.  They don't always have the systems or staff to handle all of these transactions.  Here dance teachers teach at multiple studios.  They are considered independent contractors not employees of the studio.  Just like independent contractors in other industries, they are responsible for reporting their income not the studio.

DD's first studio didn't even accept credit cards - it was cash or check only for all lessons not just privates.  They kept records in a file system.  The studio has been in business for 40 years now and is considered very reputable.

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Our studio just started accepting credit cards.  I only paid cash because it took them forever to cash the checks and I didn't like waiting.  I always got a receipt though regardless of whether it was for a private, specialty polishing or tuition.
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