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Hi everyone! We'll be competing at Capitol Theatre in Wheeling, West Virginia this weekend!

Any information is useful(good or bad), as we've never been. (hotels, restaurants, parking, dressing rooms, etc.)

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if you go about 9 miles east on  hwy 70 to the Cabela's exit in Triadelphia , there are a lot of great hotels and restaurants including a fantastic new burger place.    I have not explored the capitol theater area much. 

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We stayed at the Hampton Inn about 5 miles or so from the theater.  Very nice, clean, updated, great pool for the kids, breakfast was actually good.  We ended up having dinner and watching the hockey game at a place called Generations which was in between the venue and the hotel on Saturday night.  The food and service were very good and it was very busy!  The dressing rooms in the theater - UGH.  You literally have to go backstage and through the wings and down a flight of stairs to get to the downstairs dressing rooms. DD was down there Saturday, but ended up using the upstairs ballroom dressing room on Sunday, which we liked much better because there's an elevator and we didn't have to haul the dream duffel up and down.  Parking sucks.  I paid in a lot on Saturday then just found street parking on Sunday.  The comp wasn't very big, so it wasn't too crowded, but still not the greatest.  The theater itself is gorgeous - old and lots of character, like Akron Civic theater, in a way.  That same style.  Great venue.  We really enjoyed it!
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