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My studio is considering Radix. Any other suggestions? Does anyone have feedback on Radix?

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Our first experience with Radix was horrible.  It was their second season and they gained more popularity than expected.  The competition was run very well and the teaching staff was great.  The huge problem was that it was oversold which left the seniors dancing in a tent down the street from the hotel.  I believe that a lot of the problem was also the hotel.  They could have done more to find space inside the hotel which they eventually did after said tent flooded.  The owner of Radix offered all the senior girls a free redo and he did make good on his offer this past fall.  They had a new larger venue and the teaching staff was excellent.  I'm not sure if they had a competition this time because it was in October.  I doubt anyone was ready unless they were using last years dances.  This redo ended up being one of my daughter's favorite conventions.  She was called out by a few different teachers that she respects a lot and got a scholarship as well.  I'm glad we gave them a chance to redeem themselves.  I even ended up having a private conversation with the owner here on this website.  The owner is a stand up guy.  He really wants you to be happy with their convention and is willing to make it right if you are not.  I would not hesitate to go to Radix again.

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Radix was amazing. It is big and we did th one in Boston. They said they will be finding a bigger place for it next year. Faculty is amazing and kids had a great experience.
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