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I think location is part of the issue for us. If DD had/has easy access to large auditions (as well as the time and money), then it isn't much of a sacrifice to attend. But where we currently are, this just isn't the case and so it becomes a very big deal to get to auditions. She'll do all of her college auditions in person, and the expense of that alone has been crazy. For practicality, she'll have to rely on videos down the road, I think.

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Originally Posted by tendumom

Congratulations to you, @thedancingdiva!! Would love to hear your story when you have time some day. 

I was actually once present outside a huge cattle call at SAB when a dancer got a contract from a company (an AGMA company). I went to meet dd who was auditioning for an SI at the same time. All those 100s of dancers and just 1 contract. 

There were things dd learned along the way. A number of the cattle calls she did were just because she happened to be in that city that particular weekend. She learned that some of these companies are only looking for tuition paying students and some companies (at least one) weren't even hiring at all that season but still held the audition. So, it really can be a mixed bag. In dd's situation, her best situations came from company class type auditions though she also got several offers based on her application package (videos and photos) alone. She feels unlikely to do many of those cattle calls again and will stick to company class invitations. Visiting companies also gave her a much better idea whether or not it would be a place she would want to be. 

It's a crazy business



Thank you!! I don't know how to message privately on here, but if there some way to do it or some other form of way of communicating that you all have used in the past, I have no problem sharing the story [smile]


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I agree that location matters. My dd couldn't be in NY to audition. I think it could definitely be better in New York than Phoenix.  But I wasn't paying for her to go to/stay in NY to do cattle calls....wasn't happening.  And it worked out well for her.  I think she would have preferred to be somewhere other than Ohio for her first year, but at that time, it was the best place for her. OBT was definitely better.  If you aren't near a big city, it's even more important to do tons of research.
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