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My DD was just accepted into their SI and offered a place in their year-round.  My DD is 13 and loves the idea of going away to school to focus mainly on ballet. Does anyone have any experience with Nutmeg either as an SI or year-round boarder?  Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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I don't have experience with Nutmeg, although my daughter is waiting for results.  She is 16 and has pretty extensively researched...Nutmeg is in her top 5 (out of about 100, lol).  She liked many things about the program... You might also find info on BTFD...but can you tell me where your daughter auditioned and how long it took for Nutmeg to send results?  Thanks!!  😉

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My daughter's 10 and goes to nutmeg but in the TSOB part. We opt out of the SI. But we have friends who've done the SI. They say it is amazing. Very well organized and great atmosphere. My daughter is amazed at the older conservatory students. Just beautiful to watch. They will learn a lot. We came from a competitive school and daughter decided she wanted more ballet training and what a difference coming here 3xs a week. Real classical ballet training. Some of daughters friends who take competitive dance also take ballet here 1x a week. It's well worth the training. Sadly, we can't do SI (same week as our vacation) but they offered summer programs whch will be great. So if you don't get in SI try the summer open classes.

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Would really suggest you read reviews on Ballet Talk for Dancers if you are interested in Year Round for any program.  DD is currently in a year round residential program.  She has support but we still pay alot.  It's a sacrifice and I guess what we really wanted to know for our program was:  Do the dancers GET JOBS?  (Along with a lot of other stuff mostly related to the boarding policies, handling of injury, school, # of hours, etc). 


Ask your kid: 
Can you do your own laundry?
Can you get yourself up on time? 
Can you make yourself do your homework?
Can you create a network of close, supportive friends who will help you when things are hard? (friends are the support system)
Can you avoid drama that causes division, loneliness, and anxiety if /when you are on the outs with friends? 
What will you do if you get injured?
Can you tell your friends no?  As in "No, I have to get my work down.  No I have to do my laundry."
Can you feed yourself properly? (As in healthy? protein? watching sweets? etc)
Can you get yourself to bed on time so you are rested so you don't get injured?
Can you run your own stretching, cross training, abs--even if none of your friends are doing that? 
Can you handle it if you are not the best one in the class?
Can you handle it if you don't get cast the way you want to? 
How will you deal with homesickness? (Everyone faces it.)
What will you do if you have an extended injury that puts you out 5 weeks?
How much do you need to see your family? Can your family afford to see you that much? 
If doing online schooling, can the child discipline herself to do the work, keep up with the program? Does the parent want to be person making sure the school work gets done? If there is a learning issue or struggle with something, how will that be handled? 
Are you okay with not having a "normal" high school experience? (no prom, homecoming, etc.)

It all kind of feels like a fun slumber party until reality sets in and the kid faces the onslaught of new responsibilities.

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My daughter attended their SI two years ago.  She had a wonderful time.  She met friends from all over and sees them at various other venues.  She felt the classes were out of balance. They had back to back pointe classes which was tough and lighter classes on other days, but she loved the school.  Very glad she went to their SI.  That being said, her friend from our studio who also attended the SI, is now a full time student there year round and she also loves it.  She is a freshman and left NH for CT.  Good Luck!
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