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DD 13 is auditioning this weekend for National Ballet of Canada's SI.  Any tips or things to think about from moms who have been there?  This is her first big audition, and I'm not sure what to expect.  TIA!

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Dd auditioned last year as 13. They did ask to see them on pointe. But her friend said the year before they did not.
Your audition starts the minute you walk in the door. Bring your photos, and they pretty much hold a measuring tool up against to make sure everything is symmetrical and the length of muscles are proportional to what they are looking for. They arrange the kids in class to see the ones they want to the most. Parents are allowed to watch. In dds class the ones chosen (in an L shape room) were the three at the front and the two on the other end. But just because you get stuck in the corner doesn't mean you're out completely. Her other friend started in the corner when they went and was moved to the front and accepted.
They get right in there, pushing on feet and legs so be prepared to be handled. After the audition they call up the kids and their parents whom they would like to stay and talk with(offering acceptance or wait list), excusing the rest of the dancers and their parents.

ETA: best advice-make sure your dd realizes that not being accepted doesn't mean that she's not a good enough dancer. There are no 'what ifs' and 'should have's'.

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i have heard from friends that NBS bases a lot of their decision on body type.  They even look at parents to see if they think the dancer will grow to be the body type they want.
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