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I don't know where to begin....
My 11 year old DD has been dancing for 8 years and is dreaming of becoming a professional tap dancer. We live in a small town in CT that has one studio. The SO is as nice as can be to her dance children but becomes a real witch with their parents (at least me and a few others I know) and the children never see this, I am in a nice term, not happy with her. Dare I say I can't stand the favoritism- UGH! My DD is so upset with her company and all she wants to do is dance. There are so many things wrong that I don't like at this school, but it's convenient and well known. I am on the hunt for a studio or a professional that can help my daughter achieve her goals. Would ANYONE know what I can do to help her, please

Long story short, lots more BS happening here.

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If you drive a bit, do you have other options?  I know finding quality tap training can be difficult, but a studio move is easier than most people think if you find a great new studio.

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What about attending some summer programs? Tap Kids in Vermont would be very close to you, and is attended by lots of the tappers we know.

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The Boston Tap Company is phenomenal and is holding auditions soon. They also offer summer classes. They have a Facebook page you can check out.
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