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I don't think going to college without an idea of what you want to be is a waste of time.  I look at college of a way of finding out what's available.  Sure we all know the basics - teacher, nurse, doctor, lawyer.... but there's so much more.  The 1st year for sure and often the 2nd  in a lot of degrees is the foundation classes that everyone has to take - math, English etc.  My stepdaughter is graduation in June and has no idea what she wants to be (the couple of things she's mentioned are completely unrealistic or bad ideas for her.  I'm excited for her to go to college to learn what's out there.  (she lives in a very small town in a rural area (200 people) with her mom and only has been presented with the traditional paths.

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My dd is a college freshman pursuing a career in performance & choreography.  She wants a BFA bc it is more focus rather than a BA which allows a student to pursue other interest, like photography or stage make up or...whatever.  Many times last year, we heard college profs and high profile professional dancers, even the Rockettes that were saying they tend to choose those dancers with a degree bc the dancers are more mature and a degree shows that they are hard working and can stand up to the rigors of a college schedule which transfers to a working dancers schedule.  In just one short semester, my dd has been exposed to new styles of teaching, & techniques that the typical comp kid does not receive.  Even though she is not thrilled with her program and is looking for a different university program, she has learned a lot, even about herself as a dancer.  Starting a college degree and not yet knowing what your dd wants to do with dance will nothing less than give her some experience to guide her to "somewhere".  A local community college is not the way to go though.  If there is a dance degree, please look in to the quality of the teachers....has she thought about a talent agent or dance administrator?

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This is a tough decision but much easier if your child is not at the top of their game by the end of high school. It is unlikely they have a realistic chance at making a career of dance unless they are content to get some kind of teacher training and teach at a studio (this is best done directly with certification programs - for ballet at least), not via a BFA.

DD, 17 and a senior in HS this year does not want to be a choreographer or teacher in the future and has decided to postpone college because she wants to get an academic degree eventually and funds are limited. From our research a BFA is not going to cut it in terms of the academics that she would want nor would any kind of debt incurred from a BFA be sustainable for her - even in state college is ridiculously expensive. Dance jobs as we know are scarce and only a very few pay a living wage.  Sadly, most salaries don't cover the cost of living.

There are a few programs where you can get an academic degree and dance but the top ones (where jobs are more likely to result) are so competitive and few in number. For ballet, the only university I see consistently mentioned in dancer bios is Indiana and sometimes Butler. 

DD did get into the honors college at her state college of choice receive some merit money for all 4 years.  My hope is that she decides on college by the time her deferral is up! It is a school with a BFA in dance (which she did not apply for) so they are quite familiar with ballet dancers and their work ethic so I'm hoping we may squeeze an extra year out of the deferral but we shall see.  Now the auditions for next year/this summer begin....

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