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My DD is 9 and will be at the ABT YDSW in nyc this summer. What type of leos and shoes does she need besides ballet (duh). Does she need yoga mat? Can she wear colorful leotard?

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All of ABT's class standards are posted on their website and/or sent out to parents and students. They tend to change from year to year, so I would suggest looking there. Normally, I would always recomend having some simple black leotards as well as some brighter ones if your DD wants to stand out more in class or is interested in doing photoshoots during the course. You should also bring ballet slippers, jazz shoes, and character shoes, but I would check the website to see if tap shoes are needed. I hope she has a great summer there!

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It has been a couple of years since my daughter went, so things might have changed, but my daughter brought (and used):

Leotards in various colors (she could wear any color to class)

Ballet slippers (I would bring at least two pair)

Character shoes

Character skirt

Any short chiffon ballet skirts that you have (they used them in the last day performance)

Jazz shoes

DD had no need for a yoga mat.

FYI-- if you end up forgetting something or needing something, there is a Chacott store right around the corner from ABT.  We were grateful to have it there because my daughter had a cut on her foot that opened up and bled on her ballet slippers her first day there.  We did not have a second pair with us, so I was glad to have that store nearby.  
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