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Hey guys,

So my situation is a little different than most of the people here that I see. So I have a son who is currently 15 and I can tell he wants to learn how to hip hop dance. Like he watches all these YouTube videos of other dance videos and even tries some stuff in his room. I spoke to him about signing up for a dance class but he keeps saying "I'm not as good as them" and basically that he is scared because he is new. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on how to get him to get out of his comfort zone?

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Hi Chimblo361 ! My first suggestion is to ask him what studios he knows of in your area. Since he's so motivated he may already know and that's half the battle. The next thing I'd suggest is reaching out to the studio to ask about some private lessons. My plan if I were in your shoes would be several private lessons in an attempt to help bring him up to speed to closer to those his age who have already been working for a while, then transition to more traditional classes. I'd recommend you consider asking to have those lessons at a time when the studio is not very busy, off hours. I'd imagine your son might want a little room to learn and get his start without the pressure of peers looking on. At least that is how I think I would feel.

Good luck, and I really hope that you are able to find a solution for him.

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If you can find a school that actually specialized in hip hop, he will be just fine.  There are a lot of dance schools that teach hip hop but it's probably not quite what he is looking for. Remind him that these are students and not the amazing dancers he is following on youtube. 


My daughter is a ballet dancer but she took classes on the side at a hip hop based school. They had a group that was amazing, but they had classes for kids just getting started as well. There were new kids every single year.  Perhaps you can find him a place that will offer a trial class. Or, as Lorax suggested, a one on one lesson and then the teacher can tell him he is actually ready for a class. 


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I agree, depending on where you live, hip hop on YouTube is not the same! Just as contemporary, ballet etc.
Everybody is there to learn. Google and ask around for a studio that specializes in hip hop. I know one in the next big city, I've seen a few videos of them, and classes are very much supportive. I've seen them at competitions too. Everybody learns and grows from everyone else. They cheer and holler, stand in a circle around them and just dance. They run different classes according to ages and abilities. They even offer free classes to help everyone have the chance to come in and try.
I've been to a few workshops and a lot of the hip hop teachers say they didn't start dance until their late teens.
I think if you find the right studio, he may decide to stay. Maybe try a few drop ins.
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