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Registered: April 3, 2012
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Does anyone know of any dancewear stores (boutiques or big brand outlets) in Myrtle? Thanks in advance

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Registered: Jan 8, 2010
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Imaginations Creative Costumers is in the Waccamaw Outlets on 501. They carry dance wear, costumes, etc.  I needed a pair of paws for one of my girls when we were down there for a competition.  They are at 3237 Waccamaw Blvd., Myrtle Beach.  You can see the store from 501.

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I second Imaginations. Had to get shoes quick (lost one needed for a dance the next day) two summers ago and the staff was very helpful. While all we bought were the shoes, they seemed to have an amazing selection of all sorts of dancewear.
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