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Parts of email:

“Ms. Acken – please write about Christi Lukasiak pimping her daughter Chloe out to make a quick buck . . .

I’m not the bad guy – I’ve been teaching dance for 32 years. . .

If Chloe didn’t continually miss class and come late and leave early she would be an amazing dancer, or should I say the dancer I could create.

Her mother’s constant negative remarks about me personally, and my craft have taken a toll on the child. Chat with any of the ALDC Faculty members and they will tell you just how much Chloe has changed since the show started! 

Don’t miss the new show Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition! I’m sure Christie will have her nose out of joint over this one!

Deepest Regards,
Abby Lee Miller

Full email and article:
Abby Lee Miller Fights Back: Christi Lukasiak exploits daughter Chloe

Really Abby??? What's next? 

Nothing like airing your dirty laundry in public . . .

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Those meet and greets I bet help pay for her dance now. Plus I at least *hope* Christies smart enough to put aside a big chunk for college savings.

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Originally Posted by Ladybugsjoy
Those meet and greets I bet help pay for her dance now. Plus I at least *hope* Christies smart enough to put aside a big chunk for college savings.

And therapy!

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All I have to say is " absolutely audacious and typical of one of America's most despised humans." I could address items line by line based on my understanding of what has happened on screen and behind the scenes. But three things stand out. 1. Abby is the most hypocritical person on the face of this earth. She is the biggest "pimp" having set herself up with this show and the upcoming one and using one of the moms to save her studio that was going bankrupt. 2. She will never take responsibility for the changes she is making in Chloe and others due to her inhumane, abusive nature on the show at a critical time when these girls psyches are being formed (and Chloe's instructors--aka her employees--are not an unbiased sampling of people, and 3. She continues to protect Maddie by not mentioning the same behavior when anyone that follows Melissa's twitter find her methods outrageously "pimping" (vote for me for Top Mom and I will set up a Skype session with Maddie or buy you an iPad) and she uses Melissa's tactics (publicly tearing down a child and making claims that she leaves class, doesn't show p at class, could have been a great dancer) to throw Christi, BUT ESPECIALLY INNOCENT CHLOE, under the bus. This letter did not argue Abby's case--she's not "the bad guy"--well and she looks worse in my eyes, at least. What a vile, undignified, ignorant creature she is.

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Well, some of us were wondering how much of Abby's behavior was staged for the show, to generate controversy, and how much was real. Obviously no cameras are on her now for the show. This is what she really thinks of Chloe. And it is really horrifying.

And lets be honest -- how can any of those children not change due to exposure from TV -- particularly TV in that abusive setting. It's the adults' responsibility to try to negate the worst of the experience.   Abby and her teachers amplify the negativity, not reduce it.  So why wouldn't Christie and Chloe come late and leave early (just as the Hylands reportedly stay away when filming is not going on) to avoid more damage.

I am assuming their contracts are up, if Kelly is thinking about leaving the show. I suppose they all may have a kind of Stockholm syndrome after years of this abusive environment.  But I can't imagine why either Chloe or Paige should return. They would get better teaching and better support elsewhere. Brooke clearly is over dance.  Melissa has drunk the Kool-aid.  She will let Maddie go through Abby's grinder till she burns out. Abby will have another baby prodigy by that time, another fawning mother, and Maddie will be just another burned about dancer she castigates as she does Brooke and Chloe.  And her mother just another bitter mother, who has seen her daughter used for Abby's reputation and then cast aside.

I can't think well of any parent who would sign her daughter up for another year of Dance Moms.


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That doesn't surprise me at all, Christi does seem to idolise her daughter. I remember an epidote when I think Jill said Chloe is always second, and the voice used by Christi, when she responded that Chloe,is not second was like she was ready to kill the next person to say such a thing.

She does "talk" more than anyone else to the public and the fans, I can see it really going to her head.m Chloe seems like a quiet well behaved, nice kid who will do what her mother asks, or what her dance teacher asks. She must feel very torn between wanting to please Mum and wanting to please Abby.

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@Dani- I would have to disagree, I think that Christi is way more out there than Melissa. I don't know that it's the talking to fans or the meet and greets or what, but Christi comes off more like a manager type mom to me... Make Chloe a star at any cost, seems to be her goal. Don't get me wrong all the girls have done meet and greets, but it seems like Christi pushes them more or something...

If the letter (e-mail) is correct then I can see why Maddie would be the "favorite". Why would you spend extra time with a kid that comes in late to class or leaves early without legit stuff (school, sickness, etc.) or reward them with extra dances? I've coached kids that have all the talent in the world but you have to constantly be on them, vs a good kid who is willing to work hard, you WANT to give more time to the kid that wants it. Maybe it's not the case and it's just to bring more attention to her. But if it is the truth I can see why some of the things happen the way that they do.

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Abby's grammar sucks.

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Ugh. The more I hear the gladder I am that I don't watch this trainwreck. 

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It really makes me sick to my stomach that a teacher would talk openly about her student like this.

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we will never know the high cost of this show on these children...the cost will be there for their entire life

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Good thing that the show has ended. It could have gotten a lot worse.  So glad that the viewing public voted, "No!"  to this.  That's really what it takes.

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Originally Posted by Lisa
Abby's grammar sucks.


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Just a few months ago I remember Melissa tweeting about meet and greets and a whole "team Ziegler" t-shirts line...

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Originally Posted by dancermommyof4
It really makes me sick to my stomach that a teacher would talk openly about her student like this.

Agreed and I would be done giving that studio one more dime if I was Christi.  Abby lost me a few weeks ago with calling Chloe a snake (or was it a sneak) without any explanation.  If that is reality TV scripted, then Chloe deserves an Emmy for her reaction.  I would have been done then.    

Well, I guess it depends on what you are paying for.  Dance instruction by nurturing role models?  Or fame? 
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