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Hi, I would like to share with you this article, Iv wrot last week

Dance can be a fun way to alleviate the heavy pressures that will escort you in various steps of pregnancy. i do not mean that kind of dancing that require you an effort include difficult movements such as jumping and running, but i mean the dance types that befit the pregnant women like samba, jazz, ballet and salsa to help her maintain the agility and give her many benefits and advantage.

-Here is some of  the most prominent among them:

1- Dancing gives your body a flexibility that needs to overcome the period of labor with ease.

2- Dance Contribute to keep you trim  during pregnancy.

3- Dancing plays an important role to exercise your muscles and maintain their strength.

4- Dancing is an excellent option for you, especially if you are one of the women who hate going to gym and find in the exercise any enjoyable.

5- Dancing helps to stimulate your circulation and maintain the health of your heart and        lungs during pregnancy.

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1- And for make sure the benefits of dance does not turn into a threat to your safety and the   safety of your pregnancy, you should take the following important precautions:

2- Within the first trimester of pregnancy make sure to warm up before you start your dancing sessions, to make your muscles and joints bear the additional pressures that they  will exercise it through dance.

3- Focus on dance forms that include steps where your feet are on the floor all the times.

4- Stop dancing if you start felt heaviness and extreme fatigue.

5- Within the second and third chapters of pregnancy, push an extra effort to maintain the balance between your movements and your heavy body.

6- Avoid all the dance forms that include jumping and bending, rotation and other harmful  movements.

 .With all these precautions, i wish you a fun pregnancy full of movement and joy!

Thank you

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