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Want to make sure your piece isn't on this list?
Come up with an idea and send it my way to execute.

Sure, use an "overplayed" song but then change it up halfway through or add hits and accents that match your choreography!
(you can send me a rehearsal video and I'll add accent sound fx to match)

More @ just music.

Best wishes for the season!!!

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Originally Posted by louandgrace
I was really worried last year as my daughter (8) had "Evil Like Me" from Descendants. She picked it and loved it and really clicked with the song and the choreo. On this site it had been in the overused comments so often and often accompanied with rolling eye smilies like the Descendants songs are on this thread and that unnerved me more than it should have.

Anyway, she came home with 2nd place, and 2 x 3rd places in her competitions last season, despite the fact that it so often came into threads like this. It was her best year of dance. The examiner of one festival actually asked the dance teacher what the song was so that he could use it in a pantomime.

So, if you see your child's solos in these lists, try not to worry. Good judges aren't going to hold it against their technique. A good dance is a good dance even if a bunch of eye rolling parents consider it "overused"

There is nothing to worry about. Judges don't take points off because a song may be overused. There are songs I hear at comps every year and we are in our 10th year.

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Originally Posted by gandalf
Ugh, I hate this perennial topic. We all snicker about our ears bleeding if we hear xyz one more time, but we never stop to think that that is someones daughter dancing her little heart out on stage.  Surely you can stand to hear some random song one more time for their sake

I don't worry about my ears bleeding.  I worry more about how the judging turns out if they are hearing the same number over and over....I think there is an originality factor that comes into play.  I would rather have a judge trying to Shazam my kids music than saying to themselves, "Hm.  I choreographed to that and my choreo was so much better."

I may be playing it out unrealistically in my mind, but DD prefers to dig for songs that we don't think will be overdone.
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