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Competing with same dance
1 2 3
southerndance Competitive Dance 4,800 51
by notime
Dream Duffle Hanging Cosmetic bag mytinydancer Dancewear, Costumes and Accessories 1,007 2
by czmcdaniel
Let's Dance For Comic Relief DreamOnAStar Stage and Screen 947 1
by lilylilly
Static cling costumes aries795 Dancewear, Costumes and Accessories 1,809 9
by Mom2Ashlei
Ballet in North Phoenix? azmom Find a Dance Studio 1,373 9
by ballerinamom13
stanley macsmomm Dancewear, Costumes and Accessories 5,191 17
by czmcdaniel
stone glue sillygirl Dancewear, Costumes and Accessories 1,004 5
by dancedaughters
Hollywood Vibe-Myrtle Beach LoveJillyLilly2Dance Competitive Dance 983 4
by mom2keg
Flat footed dancer - need help! karen_elyse Health, Fitness and Nutrition 3,483 15
by Klba37
Results 3/8-3/10 jwsqrdplus2 Competitive Dance 2,030 17
by KimsMom
Thoughts? Advice? SFCD or MIP Summer Intensives cdnmom Workshops, Master Classes and Intensives 1,015 2
by cdnmom
Proud Momma Moment! sprater Competitive Dance 1,148 18
by 1&2&3&4
True Talent Competition sj92896 Competitive Dance 1,025 0
by sj92896
Grouchy About Costume, Shoe Switches
1 2
carriesmom Miscellaneous Dance 3,275 30
by 3girls
Dream duffels on the plane CdnDanceMom72 Dancewear, Costumes and Accessories 1,158 6
by breezygirltx
HELP i'm trying to save $$ do I Drive in extra early or leave extra late? Ottmom Competitive Dance 1,171 8
by mom2keg
Competition Weekend 3/8-3/10
1 2 3
theyarg Competitive Dance 5,805 57
by Sabrina
Would you stone this? How? akgreen83 Dancewear, Costumes and Accessories 1,427 10
by heartmom
Prizes momtokate Competitive Dance 1,010 5
by My2DanceLoves
Awards for solos Mddancemom Competitive Dance 916 1
by Neatfreak
"Kat" from Dance Academy and "Winning" Curandera Stage and Screen 2,189 13
by Dancinggirl
ASU at UDA College Natls JazzMama96 College Dance 1,329 8
by azmom
Title Scoring.... czmcdaniel Competitive Dance 1,568 15
by MinnDanceMom
competition within the team macsmomm Competitive Dance 1,770 14
by MinnDanceMom
Alvin Ailey Master Class Detroit area sk8jdgca Workshops, Master Classes and Intensives 910 1
by KN8Max Mom
DD had her first dance competition and loved it! Micheleks Competitive Dance 783 6
by jane dancemom
When do you GET your costumes?
1 2
dancing5678 Dancewear, Costumes and Accessories 3,083 30
by MSDanceMomma
Buying stock in bubble wrap! crazymom4 Health, Fitness and Nutrition 1,070 5
by DanceTumbleCheerMom
Got the video! 3xDanceMom Competitive Dance 1,101 12
by jrwiernik
Yet another sock bun/donut bun question Babz77 Dancewear, Costumes and Accessories 2,597 22
by sk8jdgca
Never saw this issue before momtotapcate Dancewear, Costumes and Accessories 1,694 9
by crazymom4
"freshening up" feet before dance class.... kellymom Dancewear, Costumes and Accessories 1,756 13
by DanceTumbleCheerMom
The Dance Mom effect... LOL DanceTumbleCheerMom Competitive Dance 2,182 23
by DanceTumbleCheerMom
Competition Weekend 03/01-03/03
1 2 3 4
beachgirl Competitive Dance 10,121 85
by maisy321
IDC dancermom128 Competitive Dance 950 3
by My2DanceLoves
New to Competitions!! TheRueCrew Competitive Dance 1,204 10
by My2DanceLoves
Duets & Trios -- how to handle awards? gingerbrown12872 Competitive Dance 1,798 20
by Chica
Buddy gifts for girls - Competition day Elladances Competitive Dance 11,992 23
by Cookmomx3
Exercise Induced Asthma aries795 Health, Fitness and Nutrition 2,801 20
by Sabrina
Silly, new dance mom shoe question mom25 Dancewear, Costumes and Accessories 2,010 12
by brizziemum
EMANCIPATION 150: Black Women in Classical Ballet Curandera Miscellaneous Dance 985 5
by PickyPotter
Major Rash...just in time. Mommai Health, Fitness and Nutrition 1,140 10
by carriesmom
Adrenaline's "Best of Show" Video beachgirl Competitive Dance 1,349 17
by tappinmom
AHA - Athletes Helping Athletes LivLaughLoveDance Accentuate the Positive 1,473 14
by tappinmom
Contemporary song Beccasmom Dance Music 1,554 5
by Beccasmom
How Not To Be A Nervous Wreck?! ChelleB70 Competitive Dance 1,270 14
by Psmom
Just a little brag highlandmom Competitive Dance 1,459 18
by My2DanceLoves
results 2/22-2/24 How was everyones weekend
1 2
DanceTumbleCheerMom Competitive Dance 3,099 33
by My2DanceLoves
How does your child prepare before going on stage for solo? stellasmom Competitive Dance 2,136 19
by My2DanceLoves
Broadway Tap & Rhythmic Tap? lilyzdancemom Miscellaneous Dance 4,501 13
by lilyzdancemom

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