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1tinydancer Competitive Dance 1,052 80
by Noel
Energy Showcase Marie123 Competitive Dance 71 2
by Marie123
Senior Musical Theater mkdancemom Dance Music 33 1
by tappinmom
recital costume vs competition costume..... shewolf Competitive Dance 303 17
by 5678StarMom
Spin-off from Levels topic Phx115 Competitive Dance 166 7
by Jinkerbelle
Just received Joffrey audition results… what does this mean? TIA
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2dornot2d Workshops, Master Classes and Intensives 2,036 31
by ggsmith
So has anyone noticed what has happened to this site? cynmckee Miscellaneous Dance 512 17
by judie
Any tricks to share for Long hair styles for comp (not a bun)? nyklane Competitive Dance 146 13
by tendumom
Essex County, NJ HWC16 Find a Dance Studio 77 5
by Inspiredby3
Nationals in Charleston (Applause Talent) IteachM Competitive Dance 579 9
by IteachM
How to get into shape comet New To Dance Parenting 920 11
by tendumom
Leaving DD at dance studio for classes
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Lpr3 New To Dance Parenting 645 29
by PerfectingLeisure
Bootie shorts and sports tops shewolf New To Dance Parenting 556 8
by PerfectingLeisure
Split soles (ballet shoes) versus whole SpicyLuck New To Dance Parenting 272 12
by PerfectingLeisure
age for 1st solo
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shewolf Competitive Dance 897 38
by mom24
Strong dancers get stronger by helping pull other dancers up to their level...
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Noel Miscellaneous Dance 830 36
by Noel
Song suggestions -- Musical Theater/Jazz for 12 year old LittleMonkeyMom Dance Music 321 9
by tappinmom
If you were a studio owner, would you want to know about this?
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Julieg Competitive Dance 944 36
by dave9988
Costumes Zelma Dancewear, Costumes and Accessories 318 4
by prancer
Creepy dark music aking9957 Dancewear, Costumes and Accessories 497 15
by prancer
Petticoat huckitvt Dancewear, Costumes and Accessories 37 1
by emmymom
Jazzy song for 10 year old Keytibeth Dance Music 161 6
by petuniasmommy
Music suggestion - Journey to the Afterlife AussieBalletMum Dance Music 44 4
by AussieBalletMum
Favorite Competitions?! madisondancer27 Competitive Dance 565 12
by dmjrm4
Musical theater lbgarner Dance Music 381 9
by tendumom
Competitions shewolf Competitive Dance 227 5
by 1tinydancer
Dance studio Plano w/affordable classes musicboxdancer Find a Dance Studio 198 8
by txmomx3
Orientation birdmom College Dance 266 2
by my2miracles
World Dance Championships - Poland in December BallerinaPaisley06 Competitive Dance 280 4
by BallerinaPaisley06
Hi from Dallas PerfectingLeisure Welcome Wagon 76 4
by HTownDanceMom
Opinions on Song Choices? tutuswithouttears Dance Music 186 4
by amlmom
Song/Costume/Choreography for Minis jamquint1 Competitive Dance 210 5
by LeapYear0208
Teacher at major Summer Intensive arrested for sexual assault meatball77 Miscellaneous Dance 647 13
by prancer
Sponsors? Dancerfun Miscellaneous Dance 161 4
by tendumom
Following the Rules...competition placement kenkat Competitive Dance 868 23
by dave9988
Competing Independent performancemom2003 Competitive Dance 311 8
by aking9957
Dying shoes and tights Suzit42 Dancewear, Costumes and Accessories 107 3
by melissa745
Question for Gymnastics/Cheer Parents: How Helpful is Dance? SophiaPD Miscellaneous Dance 261 11
by SophiaPD
mini brag jamquint1 Accentuate the Positive 215 6
by Dancerfun
Studio City/North Hollywood/Burbank area Lynn415 Find a Dance Studio 77 3
by dance010
Ballet schools in Round Rock Area??? BohemianMatka New To Dance Parenting 55 1
by meatball77
Tap? Mumof4 Miscellaneous Dance 340 14
by tappinmom
best foot stretchers dance010 Miscellaneous Dance 239 9
by Dancingemu
Washing tights - can't get feet clean AnnaBeav Dancewear, Costumes and Accessories 282 20
by Dancingemu
Competitions that focus on charity? rdsmom Competitive Dance 222 8
by jmoodle28
Small Dream Duffel - Ideas?
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dirtchic Dancewear, Costumes and Accessories 2,452 28
by elastigal
Poll: Re. Rolling dance bags with rack
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mapela27 Dancewear, Costumes and Accessories 830 30
by 2girls
Pace U Grad - A wonderful Piece ZMatuszak College Dance 179 1
by ohiodancer5678
Top honor question 2girls Competitive Dance 294 7
by 2girls
Ailey's Fabrice Herrault August Intensive summer03 Workshops, Master Classes and Intensives 156 7
by tendumom